Who doesn’t want to learn tips, techniques, and tactics that are tested and proven to work wonders on women? Let’s face it, we’re guys, and we’re all about doing stuff that is just plain proven to work. So enjoy some of our best techniques and tactics right here and use them to start getting results with the women in your life.


Over the years, we’ve been asked to speak at events around the world. Sometimes conference organizers make the footage public, and whenever they do, you’ll find it here.


Welcome to Talks With Cute Girls… the Interview Series that puts all others to shame. Join Nick as he gets to know some of New York’s most interesting, silly and sexy women, and of course, as he flirts ruthlessly with them.


Every now and then, Christian steps up to the decks at private parties and venues like Affaire and Empire Hotel. With a blend of hip hop, house, top 40′s, and rock, the parties move and the people dance. And now you can bring the party back to your house with live mixes.